A research on life in a patrifocal society

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A research on life in a patrifocal society

It encompasses the totality of structures of Domination and Exploitation that affect women's position in society. The term patriarchy essentially means the rule of the father or the patriarch a male member of the household or society.

In feminist theory and practice, patriarchy has been looked at differently from the liberal to socialist feminism. Defined simply however, it implies a system in which the father or a male member who is considered as the head of the family, controls all economic and property resources, makes all the major decisions of the family and thereby maintains ongoing control over all members of the family and those related to it.

Very clearly, this system establishes male dominance and control over women in society, in general, and particularly so within the family. The "unequal power relationship" between men and women, accrues power to men in an important institution of society.

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Thus, it is important to see patriarchy as both an ideology of women's subordination and control, and, a concept of struggle against the same. The origins of patriarchy can be traced through different stages of civilisation and, several views have been expressed regarding the origins of patriarchy and its universality.

A research on life in a patrifocal society

Its roots have been traced in history, religion and in nature. For some, patriarchy as a system has a beginning in history, is man made and thus can be ended by historical processes in the future. For others, patriarchy is a natural phenomenon, i.

Therefore to change patriarchy would amount to changing nature.

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Still others, have not accepted the above explanations and have talked about the existence of a stage in society prior to patriarchy — that of a matriarchal or matrilineal society, where have had a dominant status.

Evidence for such a society is quoted till today, 27 through religious myths and symbols over different periods in history, citing examples of matrilineal heritage in some parts of Indiaespecially Kerala. While we can endlessly debate on the differing perceptions about the origins of patriarchy, it is more significant to understand the modes of patriarchal control and its institutional manifestations as it has impacted upon processes of women's subordination in society.

Men have laid down the acceptable social norms for women — the role models for women in society. Women are thus made unwitting partners in the perpetuation of the patriarchal system, in different ways: Therefore, women are not part of this system or out of it by choice alone.

The system is so complex with interplaying factors such as sex, gender, class, caste, ethnicity, and race that it encircles women within its control of exploitation, discrimination and oppression.

It is this cycle that needs to be understood by women themselves and by those who are working to support women's struggles in society. The institutional manifestations of patriarchy can be seen in 1.

Educational processes and institutions 3. Medical, health practices and systems 5. Religious influences and structures 6. Micro and macro economic systems and institutions 7.

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Legal procedures and violation of women's rights 8. Government and its various areas of control.WOMEN IN ISLAMIC SOCIETIES: A SELECTED REVIEW OF SOCIAL SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE A Report Prepared by the Federal Research Division, Library of Congress. One unique aspect of these societies is that the Maasai represent a textbook example of a patriarchal society whereas the Khasi are matrilineal.

Similar to the extant evidence drawn from experiments executed in Western cultures, Maasai men opt to compete at roughly twice the rate as Maasai women. May 05,  · The Effect of Patriarchal Masculinity On Men Posted on May 5, May 5, by FatFemPinUp well I got into a tweeting frenzy over this topic “the effect of patriarchal masculinity on men” and i got some complaints that i should put it into a blog instead of filling up TL’s or forcing the retweet of 30 tweets lol so I thought eh, i can.

A research on life in a patrifocal society

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She is the director of the UK Department for International Development. Feminism “Feminism is an awareness of patriarchal control, exploitation and oppression at the material and ideological levels of women’s labour, fertility and sexuality, in the family, at the place of work and in society in general, and conscious action by women and men to transform the present situation” (Bhasin and Khan, 3).

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