Capital budgeting case

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Capital budgeting case

Budgeted balance sheet Budgeted statement of cash flows and some budgets predict the amounts of funds a company will have at the end of a period.

A company cannot use only one type of budget to accommodate all its operations. Therefore, it chooses from among the following budget types. The fixed budget, often called a static budget, is not subject to change or alteration during the budget period. A company "fixes" budgets in at least two circumstances.

The cost of a budgeted activity shows little or no change when the volume of production fluctuates within an expected range of values. For example, a 10 percent increase in production has little or no impact on administrative expenses. The volume of production remains steady or follows a tight, preset schedule during the budget period.

A company may fix its production volume in response to an all-inclusive contract or it may produce stock goods. The variable or flexible budget is also called a dynamic budget. It is an effective evaluative tool for a company that frequently experiences variations in sales volume that strongly affect the level of production.

In these circumstances a company initially constructs a series of budgets for a range of production volumes that it can reasonably and profitably meet. After careful analysis of each element of the production process, managers are able to determine the fixed costs e. The combination budget recognizes that most production activities combine both fixed and variable budgets within its master budget.

For example, an increase in the volume of sales may have no impact on sales expenses while it will increase production costs. The continuous budget adds a new period month to the budget as the current period comes to a close.

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Under the fiscal year approach, the budget year becomes shorter as the year progresses. The continuous method, however, forces managers to review and assess the budget estimates for a never-ending month cycle. Although planned activities differ in the length of operation, budgets describe only what a company expects to accomplish in the upcoming 12 months.

Capital expenditures for major investments in plant and equipment are long term by nature. A company constructing new facilities, laying pipelines, or paving roads may design projects encompassing periods of five to ten years. Nevertheless, a company details the ongoing expenses on an annual basis.

Most operating and financial budgets Table A cover a period of one fiscal year, comprised of 12 months arranged in quarters segments of three months and semiannual periods segments of six months.

In the end analysis, the operating budget presents a projected pro forma income statement that displays how much money the company expects to make.

This net income demonstrates the degree to which management is able to respond to the market in supplying the right product at an attractive price, with a profit to the company.

The operating budget consists of a number of parts that detail the company's plans on how to capture revenues, provide adequate supply, control costs, and organize the labor force.

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The sales budget predicts the number of units a company expects to sell. From this information, a company determines how many units it must produce.

Capital budgeting case

Subsequently, it calculates how much it will spend to produce the required number of units. Finally, it uses all this information to estimate its profitability.Payback period is the time in which the initial cash outflow of an investment is expected to be recovered from the cash inflows generated by the investment.

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Participatory budgeting (PB) is a process of democratic deliberation and decision-making, in which ordinary people decide how to allocate part of a municipal or public vetconnexx.comipatory budgeting allows citizens to identify, discuss, and prioritize public spending projects, and gives them the power to make real decisions about how money is spent..

PB processes are typically designed to. North South University is the first private university of Bangladesh, It was established in Approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh. Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd ed.

Capital budgeting case

Budgeting: Bre-Cap. Since companies strive for profitability through the efficient and economical use of resources and labor, they require financial road maps to show how they will allocate their resources to achieve their business objectives.

Questions about a case study solution, please e-mail me at "admin at MBAcasestudysolutions dot com". Capital budgeting is a required managerial tool.

One duty of a financial manager is to choose investments with satisfactory cash flows and rates of return.

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