Ecosystem structure funstion and change

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Ecosystem structure funstion and change

They have been described as animals that are cunning and able to come out of difficult situations rapidly. These cute, innocent looking creatures have been loved as pets and also are associated with Spring and Easter festivals.

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They are symbols of fertility and birth. All these symbolic representations have sprouted from the many characteristic trademarks and adaptations of rabbits that have helped them survive through centuries and in different parts of the world from mountains to deserts, and plains to arctic areas, in spite of being prey animals.

Each adaptation, like the teeth, the long ears, and the rapid reproduction rate are an essential survival tool that has kept the rabbit population of the world abundant and safe from predators.

Here are a few important rabbit adaptations, Long Ears — The ears can be more than 10 cm long and these help the rabbit listen to the faintest of the sounds made by nearby predators.

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The particular outer shape of their ear, called the pinna, is helpful in detecting sound direction very specifically and accurately. Eyes — The wide range of vision that rabbits have is due to eyes that are on the two sides of their head.

They help the rabbit see almost degrees around it and detect possible predators. Rabbits spend a good deal of time scanning overhead as well. It is an adaptation to look for predators as most are bigger in size, and many attack from above. Legs — The hind legs of rabbits are long and very strong.

These help them hop at a very fast rate. The feet are padded with fur to dampen the shock of landing. European rabbits are known to run especially fast at 16 metres per second. They can also change directions relatively quickly to confuse the chasing predator. Rabbits also have sharp toenails that help in gripping the ground as well as making burrows.

The hind legs are so strong that they are also used to kick when in danger.

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Teeth — The set of protruding teeth made famous by rabbits are one pair of the two sets of incisors these animals have- one on top of the mouth and one at the bottom.

As they are herbivores, these incisors help in snapping off part of the plant. The teeth also allow the rabbits to bite if in danger. The latter is ten times the size of the stomach. Because of their largely cellulose diet, the cecum has a muscular structure that helps them differentiate between the digestive and the fibrous material.

Rabbit are also known to defecate the contents of the cecumknown more commonly as soft pellets, and then eat them again to reabsorb the nutrients.

Ecosystem structure funstion and change

This helps them gather as much nutrients as possible from the relatively hard to digest plant parts.Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online.

Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s. View Homework Help - Ecosystem Structure, Function, and Change - Week 2 - from SCI SCI at University of Phoenix. ECOSYSTEM STRUCTURE, FUNCTION, AND CHANGE 1 Ecosystem Structure.

The biosphere of all the ecosystems of the planet put together, form the biosphere. Food chain describes a single pathway that energy and nutrients may follow in an ecosystem. There is one organism per trophic level, and trophic levels are therefore easily defined. Ecosystem Structure, Function, and Change paper Zachery Thursday, February 12, SCI Ecosystem Structure, Function, and Change paper Prior to restoration the area now known as the Chamna Natural Preserve was .

Ecosystem structure funstion and change

The most important step in pasture management. Trader’s Dispatch, July — Page A3. We’d appreciate it if you tell an advertiser you read his ad in the Trader’s Dispatch. Ecosystem Structure and Function Ecosystem components (structure) Ecosystems might be observed in a lot of ways, so there isn’t a set of components which make up an ecosystem.

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