Fried green tomatoes feminist perspective

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Fried green tomatoes feminist perspective

I have discovered multiple genres that I previously had not read, one of which being southern literature. It is in this regard that I found the writing of Fannie Flagg.

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Through Flagg's southern charm you feel as though you are a part of the town and its cast of characters. In this light that I rate this gem of a book 4. Fried Gree Over the course of this year I have branched out in my reading choices. Fried Green Tomatoes is a movie starring Jessica Tandy as Ninny Threadgoode and Kathy Bates as Evelyn Couch although I have never been privileged to view the film; thus, the book is new material for me.

Evelyn Couch is a middle aged empty nester who accompanies her husband Ed to visit his mother at a nursing home. Evelyn having no patience for these visits instead strikes up a conversation with Mrs Threadgoode, which develops over the course of the book into an intimate friendship like that of a mother and daughter.

I enjoy hearing older people reminisce about their lives so Mrs Threadgoode instantly became a charming character for me, and I, like Evelyn, was happy to enter into her world. Whistle Stop, Alabama is an almost defunct small town on the outskirts of Birmingham.

Fried green tomatoes feminist perspective

Mrs Threadgoode, inherently knowing that she is enjoying the twilight of her life, takes Evelyn back to depression era Whistle Stop.

She regales Evelyn with tales of her family, the Threadgoodes, and their colored friends, the Peaveys. In a time where people were struggling to make ends meet, the citizens of Whistle Stop appeared to enjoy life to the fullest, with the cafe being the center of their world. Whites, blacks, and people of all walks of life lived in relative harmony, epitomized by Idgie Threadgoode and her Dill Pickle Club who went off on one daring adventure after another.

In no case was there a mention of poverty, and Evelyn is charmed by Mrs Threadgoode's stories. Meanwhile, in present day, Mrs Threadgoode urges Evelyn to live her life to the fullest.

Just because she has entered middle age does not mean that her life is over. Written during the s era of the working woman, Evelyn is coached on to get a new lease on life, a new career, and enjoy the second half of her time on this earth.

In an interview following the novel, Fannie Flagg points out that she prefers older characters because they have many layers to their lives and much advice to offer to younger generations. It is in this mind set that she made Mrs Threadgoode the central point of her novel.

Flagg touched on non traditional families, the s modern woman, racism and the lack thereof all in one town. Like Evelyn, I was drawn in by the characters and the town of Whistle Stop and finished the novel over the course of one day because I could not get enough of Mrs Threadgoode's stories.

Whistle Stop is a small town whose people make up the fabric of this country, and the Threadgoodes and their descendants are cogs who embody southern life.

I enjoyed my trip through Whistle Town and am looking forward to reading more of Fannie Flagg's southern novels.Jun 27,  · Fried Green Tomatoes was a great film and really showed the heart of feminism and the simplicity of taking action, as a woman, in your own life. It also showed how friendships and bonds can be formed and how the relationships between women are extremely important.

Feminism in the Film “Fried Green Tomatoes” For this week’s film, I decided to revisit Fried Green Tomatoes, a film directed by Jon Avnet and written by Fannie Flagg. My mother loves this movie, and she actually has it on VHS tape.

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Yes. Dec 27,  · Fried Green Tomatoes Directed by Jon Avnet; screenplay by Mr. Avnet and Fannie Flagg, based on the novel by Ms. Flagg; director of photography, Geoffrey Simpson; edited by Debra Neil; music by Thomas Newman; production designer, Barbara Ling; produced by Mr. Avnet and Jordan Kerner; released by Universal Pictures.

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