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David Hartley on the cover of Oak Island Jun 07, Web Exclusive By Lily Moayeri Undercover is our new recurring series where we talk to bands about the genesis of one of their album covers. Contrary to popular opinion, not all musicians are exhibitionists looking for the most attention possible. A number of them would rather not be featured front and center, and instead prefer alternate imagery be the visual accompaniment to their music.

Music synthesist wanted

Click on this link to launch player: Vampire Club Twilight version 4.

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Day of the Dead AdventureQuest Worlds version 6. Tempest AdventureQuest Worlds version 7. Goodnight Demonslayer Original version With his devilish goatee, turn of the century garb and rakish looks, one might assume Voltaire sings murder ballads on the Bowery - and to a fair degree you would be right.

Every Friday the 13th, Voltaire leads players a server-crashing average of 35, at a time on a live adventure in which he sings his songs with lyrics changed to match the monster-infested battles in the game.


Voltaire says, "I have fans who now have kids and they tell me that their kids love my songs, but they have to skip over the ones that are not appropriate for the wee ones. Also, through my work with Cartoon Network and AdventureQuest I have a growing horde of 12 year-old fans, so I really felt it was time to make a record that was right for them.

On this disc Voltaire compiles his songs from Cartoon Network as well as five of his songs from the AdventureQuest game. Sure to please fans and non-fans of Twilight alike is a never-before-heard version of his popular song, "The Vampire Club," where Voltaire simultaneously embraces and skewers Twilight in a way only he can!

Also included on this disc is a spooky lullaby Voltaire wrote for his son, "Goodnight Demonslayer," which brings to mind British bandleader Henry Hall's "Here Comes the Boogie Man" made popular again by the video game BioShock2.

Rounding out the track listing is "Crusade," a bit of fatherly advice where knights and dragons serve as a metaphor for the acceptance of diversity and other ideologies.

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Music synthesist wanted

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Music synthesist wanted

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brian eno discreet music? Brian Eno Net Worth is $60 Million.

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Musician and artist Brian Eno has a net worth of $60 million, and his impact on pop culture is indefinably vast. In addition to his net worth, he's acted as a creative muse or collaborator with some of the biggest.

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