Poetry and final paper

Contemporary Poetry, Video subsection Answer: Name a poem that exemplifies it and name a poem that parodies it. A song or poem honoring marriage. Ohiolink language and literature databases, W.

Poetry and final paper

The Gender Feud of Eighteenth Century Poetry Methodology Literary theory, throughout the twentieth century, has taken on various forms of close analysis of the text and circling around close readings. These methods isolate a single text and may include a few others, but rarely if ever do they span across an entire century of literature or even multiple centuries.

Macroanalysis does just this and tracks textual trends and themes over hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of texts. Many schooled in various literary theories may be skeptical of this approach, I too was one of those in the beginning, but there are great benefits from taking a step back and viewing the literature from a different perspective.

Text analysis allows broader questions through evaluating many literary pieces and brings a perspective that, until now, has never been an option for literary theorists. The tools available for textual macroanalysis Poetry and final paper very broad and although there are a few very useful ones, many if not even most, do not function enough to be of much use.

Topic Modeling, also known as GUI, allows you to upload large amounts of data and then organizes it into various word clumps that are connected through theme. This tool can be useful when looking for specific words and other words that can possibly connect to them under the same theme.

Poetry and final paper

Voyant Tools is an additional text analysis program that is very useful and one that I have found the most success with. This tool has a great interface that is easy to use and understand and offers lots Poetry and final paper options for viewing word frequency within a text.

There are numbers of visualizations such as graphs and a word cloud and a number of lists seeing which words are the top used and the word collocates. Google Ngram is another program that has allowed me to align my data against that of a very large corpus of literary text.

It shows various words and their frequency in the corpus over a period of time that can be altered according to the era of text be analyzed.

With these three main tools I have been able to evaluate the differences between female-written poems and the male-written poems.

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I began this search with the very distinct impression that there were more differences than similarities, but through the research have found that there seems to be more similarities especially in theme. This unique find has led me to claim that women discuss the same issues as men do and both as a way to embrace the time they are living in and resist it.

This can be shown and evaluated through the various methods of macroanalysis that visually portrays this overlap, especially in the theme of love. This mode of art became a way of communicating not only to each other but also the community at large. It turned into a way of creating conversations that addressed societal or political issues Fairer x.

The s and s saw a drastic increase, or peak, in women poetry and explored major themes such as domesticity and political issues. This trend pushed against the belief that women writing poetry or becoming educated would inhibit their ability to take care of their domestic responsibilities.

But writers such as Charlotte Smith actually used the production of her poems to support the financial needs of her family Grant A societal shift also inhabited this trend of female writers gaining a place in the world of poetry. The nurturing of the family enlarged to nurturing more on a community or society level, which spurred the need to not only write, but distribute those writings to as many would read them Through the distinction of women writers there became a greater division in the literary world between the genders.

In the world of literary criticism today, many have opinions to ad about the eighteenth century and the role of women.

Poetry and final paper

Roger Lonsdale discusses the definition of women and their role during the eighteenth century as seen in their poetry. It creates a complicated world and one not so easily defined.

Class, the French War, and the issue of rising feminism are all part of that complicated definition Lonsdale xxxix. Doody explores the various forms of love that women writers expressed during the eighteenth century and how these emotions were best portrayed, however odd they may seem Doody.

Theorist Amie Christine Seidman, wrote how women during the eighteenth century were bold in their poetry and aware politically and socially as war occurred towards the end of the s and civil unrest in neighboring countries Seidman 1.

Women were aware at that time and rising in the literary ranks among poets and engaging in civil issues, but I claim that they did so in a shockingly similar way to that of men, but throughout this paper I will assess the emotionally based way that women tended to do this as opposed to the approach men had during that time did which tended to be through more concrete means.

Body Through my macroanalysis I was able to see how gender became seen in a way that differed greatly from that of the standard narrative. First I contrasted the top used words of men and women poets in the eighteenth century. This allowed me to look closely at the common themes that are found in these two groups.

Surprisingly many of the themes are the same such as love and like that are the second and third most common used words in both the corpus for the women and the men see figures 5 and 6.1.

The Short Story and Poem: A Comparison of Literary Forms Reflecting on this week’s literary readings, as well as your own reading experiences, identify at least one major similarity and one major difference between the forms of the short story and the poem.

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Option 1: A Critical Essay: Your final paper should analyze the poet's basic questions as you see them; your final paper should argue the poet's core conflicts as you interpret them.

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