Short essay on monkey for kids

Hominoidea Monkeys are tree-dwelling arboreal simians. They are in the primate order. Monkeys are intelligentsocial animals.

Short essay on monkey for kids

Hominoidea The word "monkey" is a common-language term which is not used in taxonomy.

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It includes two rather different groups of primates. The big distinction is between Old World monkeys and New World monkeys.

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Some examples of monkeys are macaquesbaboonsguenons and marmosets. Apes are the descendants of Old World monkeys. Platyrrhini or Ceboidea same thing in effect Both these groups are in the infraorder Simiiformes. That infraorder also includes the great apes and man.

Some monkeys live almost entirely in trees. Others live partly on the ground.

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Monkeys are mainly vegetarianwith a strong preference for fruit. However, they may eat a wide range of other food, including insects. Monkeys can live in forests and savannahsbut not in deserts.

Short essay on monkey for kids

Some can live in snowy mountains, but more live in rainforests. There are none in the rainforests of Australia and New Guinea.

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Apparently they never reached those islands. A group of monkeys is called a "troop" of monkeys or a "tribe" of monkeys. The two groups of monkeys live in different places: The smallest known monkey is the pygmy marmoset.

It is about cm in size without the tail. It weighs about grams.

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It lives in the treetops of rainforests in BrazilColombia and Ecuador. The largest known monkey is the mandrill. It can grow to about 1 m in size. Adults weigh up to 35 kg. The monkeys often climb with the help of their tails.

In there, the name of the son of Martin the Ape is Moneke. John Fleagle and Chris Gilbert". Retrieved 18 December Sep 23,  · Character Chart Sergeant-Major Morris is the catalyst for the story: he brings the monkey's paw to the Whites home.

He is “a tall, burly man, beady of eye and rubicund of visage(pg1)”, “whose eyes get brighter after his third glass of whiskey(pg2)” at the Whites' hearth. Kidzworld is starting a new segment called All About Animals, learn all about monkeys this week! Search.

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A monkey is any primate that is not a human, prosimian (lemurs, sifakas, lorises, pottos, bush babies, and other primitive primates), or ape.

Monkeys make up two of the three groups of simian primates, Old World monkeys and New World monkeys. Long and Short Essay on Dog in English. army, etc. Kids love to play with dogs in the playground.

Domestic dogs live in family as a family member as they get attached heartily with everyone very soon because of its loyal jobs. Trained dogs become very loyal to their owners and do wonderful things. Words Short Essay for kids on a zoo The monkeys are more than amusing for their pranks.

Some visitors throw eatables before them which there animals relish. The sight of so many kinds of other animals is very pleasing and one hardly desires to take leave of them.

Short essay on monkey for kids

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short essay on monkey for kids