Suburban regional shopping malls

The Gallery at Market East was planned and constructed in the 's as a way to keep the middle market portion of Center City's retail district vibrant and competitive with the large suburban malls that had been opening all over the suburbs of Philly. The complex runs along the north side of Market East and is connected to what was then the Headquarters and Flagship of Strawbridge and Clothier.

Suburban regional shopping malls

The History Of the Shopping Mall Do you ever walk into your local shopping mall and wonder where the idea for the shopping mall came from? Were you fascinated and transfixed by your shopping mall as a kid?

Did you look at the numerous stores and polished floors and wonder how such a thing was ever conceived? Did you know that shopping malls were in Ancient Rome? They originated in the forums where the markets were located?

If you think about it, a shopping mall is not all that unusual when you look at the history of commerce? Even in ancient societies, and along trade routes, all the shopping was located along one thoroughfare or in one marketplace.

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If you fast-forward 2, years, the concept of a shopping mall is still alive and at work in a much bigger and more uniform way, in the modern shopping mall. What was the earliest shopping mall? It was a direct forerunner to the modern shopping mall. If you want to look at one of the earliest shopping malls that is still around, just look at The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, which was built in the 15th century.

You though that American shopping malls were big and modern? Petersburg, and it opened in There were about shops there. What about the United States though? There was an early indoor prototype built in Minnesota inand it was called the Lake View Store, and it had its grand opening in It was just a three-story building with floors on all there levels.

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With the rise of the automobile and the suburb, there was a new style of shopping center that was built that was farther away from the downtown. There were numerous tax incentives that encouraged investors to band together and make shopping malls.

It was a win-win economically and functionally for people in the suburbs and corporate investors.

Suburban regional shopping malls

The government helped encourage that kind of thing. The suburban shopping center idea evolved a lot after World War II. The suburban shopping mall, as Americans think of it today, came into fruition with the Seattle Northgate Center, and it opened in The Valley Fair Shopping Center was opened in Soon, malls would take retailing away from the commercial, dense downtowns into the big residential suburbs.

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The times were changing.Catering to the appetites of different and diverse cultures of people, thus attracting the consumer from every walk of life increasing their buying power, would catapult suburban regional shopping mall .

Ken Allan's Commentary User submitted October 2, The Gallery has undergone a number of recent changes, and with a potential redevelopment program proposed by it's current owner, PREIT (Pennsylvania Real Estate and Investment Trust), this is a good .

imagine yourself as the manager of a struggling local local suburban regional shopping mall. what do you think the mall should do to improve its performance?

what shopping trends do you foresee over the next 10 years?

Suburban regional shopping malls

how might these trends affect suburban regional shopping malls? what new retail concepts can yo identify? how might you . An introduction to the high-end malls and shopping centers in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Includes information on Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan and Pondok Indah Mall.


Aging shopping centres, built decades ago as beacons of fashion and free parking on the suburban fringe, are gradually becoming relics on a sea of inner-city asphalt.

But rather than tinker at the. In the s and '60s, the shopping mall was an "everything in one place" place. There would be one, or even two, 5 & type stores, a drug store, supermarket, bowling alley, professional concourse of medical offices and -even- a church or chapel.

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