Summer writing activities 4th grade

My friend's mom let me help them make a batch of sugar cookies.

Summer writing activities 4th grade

Meghan Mathis Meghan Mathis The last few weeks of school can be challenging. With that in mind, here are eight fun and unique ways to spend the last few days of the school year.

While showing a movie or giving your class opportunities to sign yearbooks kill time, these activities will make your students reflect on their school year and provide you with useful feedback.

Perhaps most importantly, it will leave your students with fun, positive memories of their experience in your classroom that they will take with them when they go.

Hold an Awards Ceremony As teachers, we are trained to give feedback — both positive and negative. Rarely do we get the opportunity to take time to just celebrate all the wonderful qualities our students possess and display throughout the school year.

Take some time in these last few weeks to hold a fun event where you provide each student with a certificate celebrating what makes them special. You can find lists of silly awards online, but some that I have given out are: The Colgate Award — for always displaying a bright smile.

The Well-Rounded Award — for excellence in a variety of subjects or activities. The Honest Abe Award — for always being truthful. The Sunshine Award — for always possessing a bright, cheerful disposition.

It was an easy way to pick up some extra cash, but I also noticed that some students really jumped at the chance to let the professor know how they felt about the class they had just taken.

Our students are no different. Make sure you ask a good mix of questions. These are the questions I want answers to, so I can plan to make any changes to my class next year if needed.

If you want truly honest feedback, let them turn their surveys in anonymously. Hi, My Name Is Teachers often pass along information about their students to the teacher who will work with them the following year. You just never know.

Have your class write letters of introduction that you can pass along to their next teacher. My Year on a Graph Most administrators are very understanding about how difficult keeping students engaged in meaningful, educationally relevant activities can be as the year winds to a stop.

That being said, I always feel like teacher of the year when my principal stops by my room and sees my students doing an awesome activity when they could be signing yearbooks or watching a movie.

Ask students to list their best and worst moments of the year. Then, the students can rate how good or bad these events were to them and plot them on a graph. If desired, have them create their graphs on poster board so they can illustrate each event.

Why not review some types of poetry by holding an end of the year poetry jam? Invite students to create their own haikus, diamante poems, concrete poems, cinquains, acrostics, and free verse poems about the school year or about what they plan to do this summer.

Hold a poetry reading and invite students to share their work. Students tend to be a bit bolder when the subject is so familiar and the situation is laid-back, so you might find that some of your less outgoing students are willing to share their work when grades are not involved.

Give them the chance to show off with these next two activities that ask them to reflect on what they have learned and share some useful advice with your incoming class. Invite the students to work in pairs or groups to add some additional fun to the activity and circulate frequently to see what they come up with for each letter.

Welcome to Your School Year Similar to the ABC chart, it can be a blast to ask your students to provide your incoming class with advice for how to survive your class and grade.

Come up with a list of fun questions, like: It sounds a little cheesy, but the first time I ever saw it done was in my senior English class in high school, when my teacher, an amazing lady Hi, Mrs. My classmates and I were given an index card for each student in class, along with a brown paper bag.

We were asked to decorate the bags with our names and things we remembered from the school year. After we were done decorating our bags, she told us to write one nice thing we remembered about each of our classmates and place them in their bag.

We were allowed to do this anonymously. Later, we were allowed to go through our bags and read all of the nice things our fellow classmates had said about us.

What a great way to spend a few minutes reading what other people thought about you — in a positive way. Now, it's your turn!We'll have to prepare the folder for download. It shouldn't take long. If you continue then we'll email you when it's ready, or you can download resources one-by-one inside the folder.

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summer writing activities 4th grade

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