Tapsilog business plan philippines ngo

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Tapsilog business plan philippines ngo

Salads and the labor movement From www. Consumers enjoy a wide variety of produce: As I enjoy these bounties of nature on my dinner table, I hardly remember the sweat and toil of the thousands of farm workers responsible for growing them. In fact, as I savor each bite, that is all I care about — that each mouthful be scrumptious.

Every spring, though, two events happen in California that remind people to pay homage to farm workers. The birthday of Cesar Chavez is celebrated on March 31 and his death anniversary is remembered on April This year, on the tenth anniversary of his death, the U.

The stamp commemorates the Mexican American union leader who grew up in San Jose for his contributions to labor. Chavez rightfully deserves credit for the principled battles he waged, making personal sacrifices to attain his goals.

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Three times he fasted for weeks, drinking only water to sustain himself, proving that violence was unnecessary to win. He also used boycotts and pickets as weapons. So every year, as I enjoy my salads, I become more and more familiar with Chavez and his accomplishments. He is regarded as a hero, a role model, and a source of deep pride for Mexican Americans.

Recently, however, a friend pointed out to me something I had not seen in mainstream media: Indeed, I found this information as I did my research. Of course, this profit-making strategy also had the effect of decreasing the already low wages of the workers.

Apparently, the growers were ignorant of labor history in Hawaii, where Filipino and Japanese laborers went on strike in Three thousand workers stood fast, demanding that sugar planters pay higher wages, provide an eight-hour work day, create an insurance fund for retired employees and give paid maternity leave.

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Despite attempts by the white owners to break the strike by importing laborers from other countries, the workers won most of their demands.

As I enjoy one of my favorite vegetables, the asparagus, I will try to be always thankful for the sacrifices the farm workers from decades ago to the present -- of Mexican, Filipino, and other races -- have made so the California agricultural industry can grow and prosper in a just environment.

For what would spring in California be without fresh fruits and vegetables? A big, fat Filipino wedding From www. I, on the other hand, knew she only needed a gentle nudge to get her going.

tapsilog business plan philippines ngo

That started a feverish exchange of e-mail and instant messaging between her and me. The text filled up eight pages, single-spaced, when I printed out all the messages. Hungry for news, I swallowed every bit she threw at me and asked for more. It was so refreshing to hear the details of a wedding that involved no catalogs, no couturiers, no rehearsal dinners, no RSVPs, no vellum-lined invitations.

Well, actually, it was just the reception. That is a story in itself. It was to be followed immediately by the reception. The desktop-published invitations had been printed and delivered stating so.

To do it on a Saturday would have required a special permit that would have taken two months to process in typical Philippine bureaucratic speed.

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To wait for that, of course, was out of the question. So they had to be married on Friday. And so it was that my nephew Charley and her new bride Mai signed their legal marriage papers one day and received their spiritual blessings from a pastor the next.

Add to this that some of their names gave no clue as to gender and that my sister, without missing a heartbeat, wove in certain events totally unrelated to the wedding.

During the 13 years I have been away from the Philippines, new nieces and nephews have been born, or nieces and nephews have gotten married and borne children.Once thought to be a method for protecting reputation, research has reinforced the business case for CSR and the role it plays in shaping corporate reputation.

With multiple stakeholders including NGO’s, governments, the Social Responsible Investment (SRI) community and employees all demanding transparency, communicating CSR is complex. Christmas Celebration With Filipino Bloggers Network + Brand Sponsors The Filipino Bloggers Network (FBN), one of the most active bloggers group in the country, will hold its annual Christmas Get-Together at St.

Nicholas Catering and Restaurant in Mandaluyong City on December 28, Mar 31,  · Re: How to Start a Tapsilog Business «Reply #36 on: October 02, , pm» ^^yung sa labas ng school ng kids ko meron 35 pesos lang.

masarap naman lasa, konti lang yung sineserve though pangstudent nga lang talaga. Analyzed big data, extracted information, trends, and patterns to give an insightful solution to the real business problem.

2. Developed action plan in Tableau to recommend process change so as to Title: Supply chain management | . MOA, Work and Financial Plan (WFP), PP, endorsement letter for NGO to implement the project, Request for release of fund to NGO and PDAF Monitoring Report; and in some other cases, Certificate of Project Completion (CPC), Report of Disbursement (RD), Project Final Report (PFR).

The islands of Geme and Tabukan Tengah (Indonesia) as well as Davao (Philippines) may experience tsunami waves within the hour. Davao City, on the southern Philippines island of Mindanao, is home to over million people.

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