Toshiba excite write

The latter three are tucked away behind a 2-inch-long compartment door.

Toshiba excite write

While we love the image quality of the Toshiba Excite Write's x resolution display, it's not the brightest screen we've seen on a tablet. At lux, the Write failed to meet the tablet category average of lux. The Samsung Galaxy Note When we listened to "On the Radio" by Regina Spektor, the singer's soft voice and floating piano melody sounded clean and defined.

Toshiba excite write

The rear-mounted dual speakers produced a deep sound that wasn't tinny or shallow, which are common traits of lower-quality speakers in mobile devices.

The speakers weren't the loudest, but we appreciate that the Write preserves sound quality rather than compromising it for volume. Interface Like other tablets in the Excite family, the Write runs a mostly pure version of Android.

The tablet comes preloaded with the basic Android 4. Google's search box sits across the top of the home screen, and tapping the microphone symbol at the end of the Toshiba excite write will automatically launch the voice search feature. Holding and dragging from the left corner will reveal your unread notifications, and you can access either tray whether you're on the home screen or within the app drawer.

Along the bottom of the home screen, you'll also find shortcuts to Toshiba and Google apps -- including Gmail, Google Maps, Toshiba's notepad app and the Google Play store -- as well as icons for the Settings menu. Within the app drawer, we easily switched between apps, widgets and our favorite- and recent-app picks by swiping from left to right.

If you want to jump between screens without having to swipe multiple times, you can simply tap the corresponding tabs for Apps, Widgets, My Favorites and My Recent Apps at the top of the screen. Tapping the Settings icon on the left-hand side lets you adjust such preferences as enabling gesture typing, customizing text correction and more.

The keyboard also supports voice typing, which can be initiated by pressing the microphone on the left side. Using Swift Typing Test Lite, we notched 27 words per minute with just one error, which is on a par with our average touch-screen typing speed.

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TruPen Stylus The Toshiba Excite Write's accompanying plastic stylus is about the same size as a standard Crayola marker, which makes it comfortable to write and sketch with for extended periods of time.

The stylus was responsive in everyday use, especially when using it to handwrite URLs or search queries in Google and YouTube.

Toshiba excite write

We were pleased with how accurately the stylus interpreted our handwriting, even when we used cursive instead of print. The Excite Write comes with an app called Stylus Mobile that enables you to use the stylus with any application on the tablet. The app automatically places spaces between words and also provides autocorrect suggestions while you're writing.

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Toshiba also bundles its own TruNote handwriting and sketching app with the Excite Write. TruNote comes with a slew of notebook style pages, graph paper, plain white paper, and various pen tips and colors.

The interface is designed to look just like a desk, with the option to choose any book, notepad or journal and begin creating pages. You can also export your work in the form of a presentation, PDF, document, image or text. We appreciated the wide selection of options and enjoyed scribbling doodles and jotting down notes within the app.

We also liked that we could rest our palm on the tablet itself while writing. The Excite Write doesn't go as far as the Galaxy Note The tablet doesn't support Samsung's Air View feature for previewing content just by hovering the pen tip above the screen.

Nor does the Write offer the Note The device more than doubled the tablet category average, with a score of 27, in the AnTuTu benchmark, which measures general Android performance.

It also beat the Sony Xperia Tablet Z's 1. Google's new Nexus 7which comes with a 1. On Geekbench, which tests the speed and performance of a device's processor and memory, the Excite Write notched an impressive 3, surpassing the 2, tablet category average with ease.

By comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Note The Nexus 7 2, scored higher than the Galaxy Note The Write scored an unmatched 11, while the Samsung Galaxy Note The Write's showing also more than tripled the 3, tablet category average and beats the Sony Xperia Talet Z's 7,View and Download Toshiba WT8PE-B user manual online.

WT8PE-B Tablet pdf manual download. Also for: Wt10pe-a. The Excite Write is the first Toshiba tablet with x resolution and premium harman/kardon speakers.

Images and text come alive with stunning colour and sharp clarity on its PixelPure display while the TruPen™ provides a real pen and paper experience perfect for taking notes. custom gifts, phone cases, mugs, wooden plaques and more. Toshiba Excite Write I could easily forgive the Toshiba Excite Write for failing to breach much new ground in the stylus tablet department, but its $ price is the ultimate deal breaker.


Toshiba Excite Write review

Toshiba's Excite Write reads well on paper, but its execution leaves a lot to be desired. Consumers are better off spending that $ elsewhere.

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