Writing a business case for hiring

Making your current employees work multiple projects on overtime time away from families, hobbies can put a drain on productivity and creativity. What aspects do I need to focus on to build a rock-solid business case to hire more people?

Writing a business case for hiring

Share The following is an actual example illustrating how to successfully make a business case in HR. It follows the format outlined in Parts One and Two of this article series. Space limitations prevent me from going into too much detail, but this outline should give you some idea of the basic approach taken in this example.

Making the Case A business case is a logical step-by-step approach for selling a program or project to senior management. Unfortunately, HR people have a long but weak history in making business cases. The following is a narrative example?

Beneath each question from the previous article are the details of the strategy taken in this illustrated example. Who is the target audience? What are their decision criteria? After reviewing the trend analysis of the last previous decisions over the last year, we identified the differences in the projects that were approved and projects that were rejected.

It is obvious that successful programs are approved based on the following criteria: Who is likely to resist it, and who is likely to support it and why? The CFO consistently complains that their proposals are heavy on emotion but weak on data. Prove you are an expert in your industry, firm, problems, and solutions.

The project director is a recognized national expert in the field of HR. Forecast trends and patterns. The project director Joe Boxer has recently demonstrated a correlation of 0. With the lower unemployment rate, there is a corresponding lower quality of candidates and longer time to recruit them?

Demonstrate your success rate and track record. Each of the last five increases in staff produced their results on time and under budget.

They have already identified the need for additional hiring to aid their departmental growth. Show that the solution helps you meet your goals and objectives.

Clarify whether it fixes an existing problem or is a new opportunity.

writing a business case for hiring

Hiring an additional recruiter solves an existing problem in the marketing and IT departments. These departments are understaffed by 10 percent and their productivity is down by 15 percent because of the poor quality of their current hires.

The program provides us with a positive opportunity to expand our talent capabilities while at the same time solving the existing problem of low staffing levels in marketing and IT. Demonstrate how it fits our culture and our processes. Our push to maintain our position as the low-cost provider in our industry requires us to assess new programs based on their ROI.

Increasing the staff in the HR staffing department does run counter to our attempts to keep overhead costs to a minimum, but the need to act quickly as a result of the imminent decrease in the unemployment rate, the decrease in productivity in IT and marketing, and the high ROI for this project makes cost reduction a secondary concern.

Show how it gives you a competitive advantage. We are currently the industry leader in attracting talent. This additional recruiter will allow us to maintain that competitive advantage. Additional HR staff will allow us to successfully poach top talent from other area firms, thus obtaining a disproportionate share of the quality marketing and IT talent in our industry.

We need to act quickly, though, because talent will soon be harder to acquire as a result of the decrease in the unemployment rate. Demonstrate how it allows your company to differentiate itself. Additional speed and response time to applicants as a result of the new HR hire will help us build our external brand image as a great place to work.

In addition, the additional recruiter will result in increased staffing levels in marketing and IT, which will directly increase our ability to develop innovative products and increase our product development speed.

It currently has an HR staffing ratio of 15 recruiters per 1, employees. This addition to our staff will bring us up to that ration 4.New Hire Business Case Template.

Whether or not your organization utilizes a formal business case process in determining hiring needs, you will benefit from listing and considering factors that influence your hiring decisions. This template will help you to: Describe the reasons for hiring.

BUSINESS CASE per new hire” custom email to IT staff and notice to hiring manager to initiate the onboarding Writing a Business Case for Changes to Staffing Structure. A business case is the way you prove to your client, customer or stakeholder that the product you’re pitching is a sound investment, and Jennifer Bridges, PMP, illustrates the steps to writing one that will sway them.

The business case traditionally is a document that defines the core business.

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Make informed hiring decisions using this new hire business case template. Photos related to Save Example Of Justification Letter for Hiring (20 photos) Do not forget to browse the next image album, which also includes the Example Of Justification Letter For Hiring Best New Hire Business Case Template – The Best Templates Collection image showed above.

Introduction To Business Case Writing Preparing a business case is an integral part of the planning and fundraising process for any municipal or community project. It becomes more important as the cost and complexity of the project increases.

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